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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


There is nothing like getting home after work and having not one but two boxes to open. Inside one was a new book (for me) on the US 70th Tank Battalion, one of the independent tank battalions typically assigned to infantry divisions. I flipped through it and there are some amazing pictures inside this some dating all the way back to the formation of the battalion before the war. I'm going to enjoy this one, should be a great reference book for the 1/56th scale Shermans that are beginning to accumulate.

Box #2 is from Warlord Games. Inside this was more Germans. Since my Artizan Design Germans seem to have completely disappeared I decided to replace them with plastic ones from Warlord. While going through the lists I stumbled on a build your army option. This option includes; 1 HQ pack, 1 Team pack (I picked a panzerschreck/flamethrower pack), 2 Infantry box sets (Mine were the Panzer Grenadier and Pioneer boxes), one SdKfz 251/1 and one tank (PzKfw IVH for me). Total cost for the army option is $120 total value of what I selected $167. I might even do this again.

I bought the Pioneers because I needed a unit of 10 as a support choice in Chain of Command and like the American Rangers, there are a some metal head options to add some variety to my Panzer Grenadier force. I have found that the weapon selection on the Warlord sprues backs it difficult to do actual historical weapon selection with, its definitely geared more towards Bolt Action's custom built squad mentality.

At this point I'm pretty close to having all the infantry needs for Normandy complete. Of course that's still a lot of minis to paint and there are definitely some gaps in the armor coverage. To make things a little easier I'm going to pick out specific units to so that I can keep the unit markings consistent. For the American it will be the 4th Armored Division and the 101st Airborne, for the Germans the 21st Panzer Division, and I haven't decided about the British or the German Fallshirmjagers yet.

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