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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Perry Miniatures - WWII Fallshirmjager

I have been going back and forth between the various Fallshirmjagers that are available in 28mm. I finally decided on the ones from Perry Miniatures. The final decision really came down to be able to put together the, more or less, correct historical organization with out ending up with a bunch of extra minis. I realize that these are really meant to go with their North Africa forces but since the uniform didn't really go through any significant changes, I'll be using these for Normandy. They are way down the list to be painted but at least I can cross them off the list of troops I need to acquire for Normandy.

I picked up three boxes of these. They will become the crews for the various self - propelled ATGs and Howitzers of the 21st Panzer.

81mm Mortar with crew

MG42 on Tripod with crew


  1. Look cool. I have some of the WGF ones who were also sculpted by the Perrys. Do you have any warlord or artizan figures you could do a size comparison with? I was thinking of filling in some gaps with the Perry ones.

    1. I have both Warlord and Artizan figures. I'll put together a size comparison after I get back from Washington DC. I'm pretty sure we will find the Perrys' stuff to be on the small side.