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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ReaperCon 2017 - Whirlwind Tour

ReaperCon did actually happen this year contrary to my lack of posting about it. We were all set to go when our petsitter flacked out on us which set a quite a problem for us. Hobbes is the oldest of the four dogs, a Great Pyrenees that is pushing 13 years old. His hips are shot and I would not even consider putting him a kennel at this point let alone trying to transport him. Its hard to lift a dog that size into the back of a Jeep. So that pretty much nixed driving done to the convention the way we had planned.

It would be hard to completely skip ReaperCon. I handle the vendors, help with the judging and, of course, run the auction. My wife suggested that we just go down for Sunday, so that's what we did. We left Denver on 6am flight on Sunday morning and came back home on a 10pm flight Sunday evening. 

Uneventful flights, always good. Took a Lyft ride from DFW to Lewisville, not so good, the driver managed to get lost even with GPS mapping. She managed to leave via the south entrance to DFW rather than the north entrance and doubled the travel distance. We did manage to arrive safely though. I checked in with my vendors all of whom had a great show, that's always good to hear. Just about everyone wants to come back for next year so I'm going to start off with a pretty full vendor area right off the bat for 2018. And yes I do think that far ahead for conventions.

The auction was great, it is still my favorite auction to do. The hall remained full till just about the end of the auction and the audience was great. There was a ton of stuff donated by Reaper from Bone 3 including some items that are were still in the fullfillment bags, because there is not yet retail packaging for them, Badger gave donated a bunch of airbrushes, primer sets and starter paint sets that had the crowd drooling. All in all a great auction and a great day at ReaperCon. While I made an effort to track down everyone I know, I missed a bunch of regulars anyway. It was good to at least attend for a single day.

By the time I got there most of the contest entries were gone and I didn't bother taking any shots of the hall, although the configuration was a lot different this time. Fortunately some of the best ones were by instructors and then tend to 

Michael Proctor
Third in Best in Show

Michael Proctor

Derek Schubert. This is an old one but it really pulls off the whole underwater effect quite nicely.

Brice Cocanour
Sophie Gold in Dioramas

David Diamondstone
 I love the effect of the slanted floor, nicely done. 

Sophie Bronze in Painters

I really do love these flats, this is built up from scratch. Noel Meyer

Jessica Rich, this one is quite different from what she has been entering over the past few years

Erin Hartwell, another mirror piece, her freehand is really stepping up.


  1. Thanks. Nice photos of talented modelers creations.

    1. There are some seriously good painters at ReaperCon, I highly recommend this convention to anyone interested in painting miniatures at any level.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I was really wondering if you had been able to make it. Glad that you at least got in a short trip.

    Too bad that your pet sitter flaked out on you, must have been frustrating.

    1. Frustration does not begin to describe the way we were feeling at that point.