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Monday, October 23, 2017

World War II Project - Brigade Games German Infantry II

I managed to get to the rest of the basic German Infantry Platoon. Out of the box, as it were, this is just a standard Wehrmacht infantry platoon with 1 MG42 per squad, three squads and a small platoon HQ group.

I finished the G001 Platoon HQ, which seems to have an odd compostion; an officer, an NCO, an MG42 team and an extra rifleman to use as a runner. The other bag was G002 NCOs, all six of these are at least slightly different and armed with SMGs.

German NCOs

German Infantry HQ section with MG42

First Squad, using the MG42 from the HQ section. Although now that I look at it, the deployed MG42 is probably a better choice here.

Second Squad

Third Squad

HQ section

The basic platoon ready to be based. Just need some extra weapons for attachments but these are read for some primer and paint.


  1. Glad to see these are coming along!

    Although... was not there talk about Reapercon?