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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The C&NW RR Project - Acquisitions Motive Power - MDC Shay

One of the eccentricities of the C&NW was that it was also running a Shay (#25, 2 truck class B) as well because of the large amount of ore that shipped out over the line. There are not a lot of options available in On30 for this so I'm going to try my hand at taking the old MDC Shay kit and converting it to On30. The MDC Kit represents a Class B Shay, two trucks and three cylinders.

I found a kit for a reasonable price and it arrived over the weekend. For now I just inventoried the parts and I'll be trying to acquire some of the Northwest gear sets that were made for this kit and are out of production. The upgraded gears will probably end up costing as much as the kit cost me!

The obvious changes that must be made are replacing the cab and the coal bunker. I'll probably need to switch out the domes as well. The running boards will also need to be widened. Should be an interesting project.

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