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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The C&NW RR Project - Building Acquisitions

My 1/56th scale buildings are just not going to cut it for the C&NW layout, so I took the time to start hunting down some of the 1/48th scale kits that I have admired over the years. First up was to see if I could find some Stoney Creek Design buildings at a reasonable price (reasonable being very subjective at this point). I actually managed to succeed and I  acquired the Gunsmith building from the Crossroads series, a three building kit released in 2006 at the Narrow Gauge Convention and one of the Drugstores from this years releases. These are not cheap kits and they are hard to find for sure. There are a few others that I would like to get but the collectors prices that these kits demand are probably going to put them well out of my reach. Its likely that smaller versions of all of these are going to show up on the Calamity board as well!

The bonus building for buying all three

You just have to love bags full of stripwood. 


  1. I thought that doing separate terrain for 28/15/10/6mm games was already a bit nuts, but 1/48 and 1/56 is a whole other level ;)

    Certainly excited to see what you turn out though! ARe you going to scratch build any?

    1. I think there will be a number of scratchbuild projects as well. Right now my wife is interested in working on the building kits so I'm going to go that route right now. I have plenty of materials on hand to start a scratchbuild project if I want though!

    2. Yes, well if you have spousal interest, you must work on that!

    3. Its certainly a big plus for guilt free hobby time!