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Monday, October 2, 2017

AWI Project - The first four

I  have ever so slowly been working my way through four continental infantrymen. I started with the Perry plastics just to get a feel for how they will paint up and how they will look on the table. I like the initial scheme that I went with; standard blue uniform coat, with red facings, white waistcoat and buckskin breeches. These will be the first four of a much larger unit of 28 or 32, not quite sure how many will make up a regiment yet.

Before I proceed with the rest though I want to paint some samples from Fife and Drum. I'm thinking those are going to paint up quite a bit faster. I'm not terribly happy with my brush work or technique on these four but I haven't really been in full blown paint mode for a while either. I hope everything will really speed up once I dig in for the long hall.

There are a couple of things to distract me though. I need to finish the Lt Winters miniature for ReaperCon, try and get the M4A1 76 finished as well. I would still like to get a diorama together but I'm just not sure I can pull that off on top of everything else. Also I have all those Americans and Germans from the Brigade Games kickstarter to get done. I'm going to work the Germans first and try out some airbrush techniques to achieve a faster tabletop paint job.

So here are the results of my first AWI miniatures:

I was well into the painting and they were looking pretty rough before I remembered to snap a few pictures.

The Blues

For the Breeches!

A slightly different take on the flesh

A bit farther along

And finished, still need to be based but good enough for a mug shot

I think they will rank up pretty good. I also think the blue needs to be quite a bit darker.


  1. Nice modeling. A pleasure to view these troopers.

    1. Thanks! Just 28 more to go. I need to start painting faster!

  2. These regulars are looking pretty good. The skin and breech colors are both very good. A dark blue wash might be the way to go for the coats... dyes were pretty bad back then.

    Are you going to keep their hat bows black?

    1. For the time being they are going to remain black. I have seen a variety of colors used and nothing that really gives a rhyme or reason to it. Of course there may not be one either!