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Friday, October 20, 2017

The C&NW RR Project - Motive Power - Bachmann Shay

This one was a surprise, I was digging through the workroom and uncovered this Bachmann Shay. I don't even remember picking it up, I imagine it must have been a pretty good deal for me to have forgotten it.

It looks complete, I have no idea if it runs though so I should set up a little test track someplace to break in all these locomotives that keep finding their way into the house. I will continue on with the conversion of the MDC kit which represents a Class B Shay though. I  like the beefier boiler that it will have and the C&N Shay was a Class B. I might not even have to try and switch out the domes, but the stack will definitely have to go on the MDC kit.

One thing this does bring up though is that the wheels on the MDC kit are definitely to small. I'm wondering if I could purchase the Bachmann wheel sets and mate them to the MDC kit. Will  have to mull that one over a bit.

This is a class A Shay, two cylinders with two trucks

A view of the offset boiler. Things appear to be a bit crooked on the frame, so it will have to be taken apart to fix this I imagine.

Some of the loose parts and optional parts that were in the box.

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