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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and the State of the Blog

A Happy New Year to everyone! I welcomed the new year in with a glass of Glenlivet (only 12 years old though). I have been contemplating my blog over the last few days and thinking about the goals I should set for the coming year as far as my hobby is concerned.

The blog itself seems to be pretty well received at this point. From 2012 to 2013 the number of hits doubled as did the number of followers. I had fewer posts but I tried to make them higher quality and still try to post at least 12 times a month. I blew that in July but I more than made up for it in other months, finishing with 168 posts for the year.

For the blog itself I will stick to that goal; 12 posts a month.

Painting and gaming wise there are a number of goals for 2014:
1) Finish the WWI USMC, that project has fallen way behind and even my restart is behind with 18 Marines about half finished on my table.
2) Finish the Calamity boards in time for Tacticon '14 that takes place on Labor Day weekend. There are a few sub goals for this one as well.
2a) Finish more citizens, particularly the "innocent bystanders". I finished pretty strong with this in November and December.
2b) Finish all the buildings. Currently I have at least two and maybe three buildings that need to be built from scratch, excluding the Newspaper Office which is almost finished.
2c) Start and finish the boards for Calamity. Right now its designed for 3 2'x4' boards and could be expanded beyond that (but not this year!).
3) Get some more gaming in! Although I do have regular RPG sessions every month I haven't gotten nearly enough board and miniature gaming in. I hope to change that for 2014.
4) Finish fixing up the Norman Saga army and get it sold off. It has languished on the shelves for long enough, time to step in and fix the damage and maybe go back and do a little re-painting and get it posted for sale.

Sounds like plenty to keep me busy for the coming year. Here is some of my favorite work from Calamity painting surge at the end of the year.


  1. Happy New Year , first!
    The success of your blog is a reply to the quality of your work !!
    I don't think that it's necessary to fix difficult targets for one blog.
    For me, the most important is the time I spend in my hobby-room !
    (and also the time I spend with reading and comment the other blogs, of course!)

    1. I really started the blog as a way to keep myself on track with my various modeling projects. I think it has helped me quite a bit although there are definitely some projects that have still fallen to the wayside. Hopefully I can get some of those back on track this year.

  2. Happy New Years. Looking forward to this years projects coming to fruition!

    1. Hopefully lots of fruit this year. Although ultimately how much traveling I have to do for work will be a big factor on what I can get finished.

  3. Happy New Year, I look forward to seeing your progress in the year ahead

    1. I'm looking forward to your progress as well Andrew!

  4. Sounds a rather busy year, with another one on the way, have a great 2014 Kris!!