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Friday, January 17, 2014

Kickstarter Loot

Some of the "loot" from Kickstarters I have supported has started to trickle in. Like most Kickstarters these delivered late, 6 months for the Elmore book and the Foglio books about 4 months late. Really not bad in the grand scheme of things.

I purchased two of the Elmore books in case someone in my gaming group decided they needed a copy after they saw my copy. We hit a stretch goal to add the B&W sketch book along with lots of extra pages in the main book. The Foglio Girl Genius comics is one of the few online comics I follow. This one let me catch up on five books that I was missing along with a hardback edition of volume 12.

I received a shipping notice on the WWI pictorial as well, it should be arriving next week. Pretty excited about that!

2 copies of Elmore plus the B&W sketch book

Girl Genius Extras, books 7 -11, unfortunately softbacks

New volume 12 in Hardback!


  1. Nice loot, nice when things like this drop through the letterbox!

    1. It is! Although I'm not the type to forget that something should be arriving so its never a complete surprise. Can't wait for next week though!