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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Paints - Scalecolor - First Impressions

First, just let me be clear that this is not a review, it really is just my first impressions of these paints. I have a number of friends that have started using these new paints from Scale 75. Right now they just come in sets of 8 colors. I imagine individual colors will be available soon, I can certainly see running out of some of these colors and not others. I started off with two sets the Flesh set because I paint a lot of skin and the Green set, well because I like green.

These are not set-up in triads like the Reaper Master Series paints or the Wargames Foundry paints, so be prepared to remember your color theory! Each box of eight colors has shades that run from dark to light, although you are not likely to use all of them in typical shading and highlighting exercise. Each box comes with a sample use of the paints specific to the set. There are two different step by step examples for you to work through. I find the translation to be particularly bad although its mostly understandable if you are willing to read it through a couple of times and pull the colors while you are doing it. The paints can be used in an airbrush and the instructions seem to be written for an airbrush user so pay attention.

These paints come out quite thick, they rival and even exceed Vallejo Model Color in thickness coming out of the bottle. They thin easily though and don't seem to separate like other brands when thinned. They definitely need to be thinned way down when used through an airbrush. There are a number of youtube videos out there and some are by Scale 75 using the paints through an airbrush but no real tutorials yet. These dry dead flat to, these are probably the mattest paints I have ever used.

I'm still learning to use them at this point, so I don't have any hints of tips yet and I really haven't found any on the internet. The Scale 75 examples are not particularly good, they don't go into any step by step techniques although they are fun to watch.

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