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Friday, October 30, 2015

Building Calamity 1 - Row House

I am still working on the model of Calamity but I felt the need to try out the new materials I had collected together and build something "full sized". I pulled out the foamed PVC sheets and decided that I would make my own version of the Grandt Line Reese Street Row Houses. While I don't have a place in mind for this building I figure that I can probably fit at least a couple of them on to the board.

I have 3mm, 2mm and 1mm thick PVC foam. After I pulled it all out I think that the 3mm is a bit to thick for the row house. I decided to construct entirely out of 2mm foamed PVC board. I also experimented with glues and discovered that the Plastruct Plastic Weld General Purpose Plastic Solvent will works just fine.

I found that the sheet PVC cuts very easily, much easier than sheet styrene, I didn't have to exert nearly as much force as I would have for sheet stryene. I did you some Evergreen dimensional styrene for the edging around the interior windows, doors and floor boards. I did remember to inscribe some interior detail this time so I can assemble it and not have to worry about adding anything extra beyond some furniture.

I should be able to get the interior painting done along with the assembly the next time I can sit down at the workbench. I cut the basic roof structure so I can start adding shingles to that anytime.

I started by cutting out the floor. Made some deeper grooves with the knife to form the planks and then ran the razor saw over it to create some wood grain.

The sides. I opted to go with vertical planks on the exterior. The interior received horizontal planks.

I'm actually cutting the parts for two houses at the same time. Here is the front of one of one house.

Here is the front and back of the second house

After I cut the windows and doors out I cut the two pieces apart.

Dry fitting everything together just to see how it looks

From the back right.

From the front right.

Laid out for priming

Priming is done, just waiting for the pieces to dry.

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