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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weekend Care Packages

To say that this past weekend was a rough one would be a serious understatement and I'm just going to leave it at that. Upon finally getting home today, I had not one but two packages waiting for me. Now one of these was expected the other was totally unexpected.

The bigger package was from Warlord Games US. I need bases for the Red Devils and they had a lipped small profile base. Looked good for my purposes so I bought a variety of sizes. The 60mm round bases are probably a bit to big for my purposes although I could easily place three minis with a support weapon on it. The 40mm round bases may be usable, it would provide a quick identification for NCOs and Officers (senior and junior leaders for Chain of Command purposes). Then there are the standard 25mm round bases that most of the minis will be mounted on. I had hoped that the lip would be high enough to cover that cast on base, but its not quite high enough. Still should be quite usable since they are low profile. I might start using these for western minis for Calamity as well.

The second package was quite interesting. It contained a 12" 1/56th scale ruler from Rules of the World. He sent it to me in thanks for my last post about receiving the 6" rulers. Now that's service! And if you are in need of a scale ruler you definitely need to check out Rulers-of-the-World.

The Unexpected Package

How many handwritten notes do we receive anymore.

And the ruler!

The package from Warlord Games US

A bag of basing goodness and a few extras

25mm lipped rounds

60mm lipped bases

A little of everything. Another sprue of 25mm rounds, 60mm rounds this also includes 40mm rounds and 25x50mm ovals.

Contents of the bag

They tossed in a Bolt Action Quick Reference Sheet and a pair of dice! Can't have two many dice!

The low profile 25mm round. I had hoped that the lip would go all the way up to the top edge of the cast on base. I can either cut it off or file it down. Either way I'm likely to mess up my paint job.

The 25mm x 50mm ovals, I think its about perfect for the prone Red Devils

The other option I have are these bases from Reaper. A bit thicker than I like.
Warlord Games on the left, Reaper on the right

You can do this! Turn the Reaper base upside down. This lip gets a lot closer to the height of the cast on base. But it gives me a much higher base than I was hoping for.

The base lip is almost the perfect height. Just makes the base more obvious than I like.

Warlord Games 60mm base

Reaper 50mm base

There is that high profile again.


  1. Very cool on the part of Rulers of the World. If I weren't the sort of person who draws and prints his own hex paper, I'd probably order something from him/them/it*.

    And better luck for this weekend.

    * The question of what pronoun to use for what is probably a one-man company is a bit fraught. Us writer and editor types thing about these things.


    1. As long as you don't over think it and just become indecisive about it. :-)

  2. Way better than bills! ;)
    I think I'd run with the low profile base and use wood putty to cover the cast base and add ground texture. The bases may appear a bit domed, but will look better than the Reaper bases will. Some shrubs or rubble will obscure the dome effect.

    1. The low profile bases are definitely the way to go. I have my own basing goop to fill it in with. Once the ground cover is on you won't be able to tell its slightly domed at all.