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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Warlord Games - Red Devils Session 7 - Finish

My intent was to finish my first section of British Airborne troops on Saturday at our monthly meeting of the CMPA at Total Escape Games in Broomfield, CO. And I did get a good chunk of the finish work done there. However, I spend a rather enjoyable portion of the meeting working with some newbie painters and getting them started in the hobby. I always find that time very well spent.

On to the Red Devils. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the Denison Smocks to merge together better and not look quite so much like three separate colors. I gave it two or three glazes with Liquitex Acrylic Raw Umber ink. Its better, not perfect by any means but better. I then went in and worked the skin and tried to blend the skins tones together a bit better and reduce some of the really harsh contrasts that I had developed. I think they look pretty good. 

Tonight I did the last fiddly bits, the badges on the berets and giving the bases an initial coat of brown (Vallejo Model Color Raw Umber) so they are ready for basing.

I'm calling the painting done at this point. They still need to be based but I haven't quite decided what I want to do for the basing or even what bases I want to use. Chain of Command doesn't require anything to specific although they mount the NCOs and Officers on slightly larger bases. My WWI Marines are mounted on 30mm lipped bases but those feel a little large. So undecided on basing at this point.

Tomorrow I'll pull out the airbrush and give them a shot of dull coat. I actually started work on the second section and the 3" mortar last night during my Saturday night game. I'm becoming a bit irritated with the amount of prep work some of these Warlord Game figures require. A couple of figures just have blobs of metal in some spots, one right across an eye that's taking some serious work to make presentable.

So here we are with the finished shots.

The group shot

Vickers MMG with Crew

First four paratroopers

Second set of four paratroopers

Bren gun 

3" Mortar, cleaned up and ready for primer

Second Section almost ready for primer. The left high of the kneeling paratrooper was completely obscured by a blob of metal from the mold. I'm working to correct that fault.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll wrap up those bases shortly I hope and they will be ready for the table!

  2. Those have turned out so well, excellent work Kris!

    1. Thanks Fran! Looking forward to getting the bases on them and starting the next section.