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Friday, October 9, 2015

Warlord Games - Red Devils Session 5

I hit the brushes again tonight working my way through this unit of Red Devils. Tonight I focused on getting the webbing, boots and helmets done. They are really starting to come together and I'm pleased with how they are looking. I'm definitely going to have to go in and lighten up the skin tones a little bit but I can do that as part of the final touch ups.

Decided to take some more formal shots with a backdrop to show off the current progress.

Starting on the helmets, the webbing is basically finished

And the beginnings of the maroon berets.  I started with Vallejo Model Color Black Red (859/035) followed that up with Reaper Master Series Dead Rose - HD (9653) and a bit of Reaper Heavy Gear Republique Red (61108). This kept a bit of purple in the mix all the way up through the highlight. The coverage on the Black Red is really poor although mine is really old, not sure if that would affect it or not.

Five guys in the beret

The next four in helmets

And the second set in helmets

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