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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Up Scaling Calamity - The Outfitters

Banta Modelworks is providing some inspiration for buildings in Calamity. This one is based on their Outfitters store. Another quick model for the model. First up though I received my package of 1mm and 2mm foamed PVC. I'm ready to try out a full size version of one of the buildings and see how easy the material really is to build with.

10 Sheets of 1mm and 10 sheets of 2mm foamed PVC sheet. I just need to pick up some PVC glue now.

This one has a more interesting front. The false front is considerably  deeper, more like a waiting area while goods are pulled from the back. This one is a possible candidate for rail service, although that would take some extra work.

In this case I did two versions of the false front. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to construct this one.

Putting the walls together

Adding the front wall

Adding the second false front. I probably should have put a peaked wall on either side of this one. It will do for now.

The finished building. The front portion might be to deep. I'll shorten it a bit if I build this one in 1/56 for the full sized version of Calamity.

And from the back

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