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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kickstarter Loot - Kingdom Death

Almost two years late but my pledge from the Kingdom Death Kickstarter finally arrived today. At this point I'm actually feeling pretty let down perhaps I was over expecting. Most Kickstarters would have been continually blasted for the late delivery, but Adam seemed pretty much immune to this (not completely). Granted his communications were very good and he did explain why things were running late, mostly because he wanted to ensure that a high quality product was delivered. And I certainly won't argue with that this is definitely a high quality injection molding and the resin castings are equally as good. I'm just feeling like I terribly overpaid for the four minis that I ordered (I didn't go for the game, had no interest in that). There are five minis in the box I think the extra one is a Kickstarter Twilight Knight for supporters or something along those lines. I might feel different about it once I get some paint on these.

Here are the pictures from the box opening:

The box, which actually arrived somewhat unexpectedly

Black tissue paper seems appropriate

Pulling it all out. Woohoo! Candy!

The unknown sprue

The plastic Sunstalker Dancer

The plastic Phoenix Dancer

The resin Silk Assassin

The resin Survivor

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