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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Warlord Games - Red Devils Session 6

This is the first night I have really been able to sit down this week at the painting table. I had roller hockey Monday night and Wednesday night and we were short skaters so I'm feeling a bit sore from a lot of hockey.

First up was a package on the doorstep from UPS, my first order of foamed PVC from TAP Plastics had arrived. Not to exciting to look at, just 10 11x17 inch white sheets 3mm thick (That's US Tabloid size). I'm expecting another package tomorrow via UPS that will have the 2mm and 1mm thick sheets. I have my fingers crossed for a safe arrival.

The package contents (not sure these are actually worth 1000 words):
Nice box

Very white foamed pvc

And from the top edge

With that excitement over I pulled out the paints and the paratroopers and got to work. I had hoped to finish them tonight but didn't quite make it. I'm basically down to touch ups and doing some additional work on the skin. Just work in progress shots tonight.

The full crew

A closer look at the left side

and a closer look at the right side


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, they are getting there. Stay on Target!

  2. Replies
    1. Getting so close too. I was painting that the club today and I almost have them finished but I ended up doing a lot of teaching today and didn't quite get there. Just some hair left and the badges on the berets.