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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Clue - Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

Prices for the 1st edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Clue game have finally started to drop. I picked up this copy because it was shrinkwrapped but as you can see in the pictures it has taken a serious hit and the box is very crunched in one corner. I went ahead and opened this one because I found a copy with a better box that was missing a card that I got for a very good price.

This is one of the early editions done by USAopoly along with their Alfred Hitchcock and Scooby Do editions. While still pretty much a standard Clue game this one added the ability to fight one of six monsters included in the game. Defeating the monster gave you a "magic" item that you could immediately use. I think this is where the concept of characters/suspects having a power that could be used during the game came from.

Note the advertisement for D&D 3rd Edition. This is one reason I wanted a shrinkwrapped edition, to have all the advertisements that are typically missing from an open edition.

The rules were printed on the inside of the game box

The Suspects

The Weapons

The Locations

Weapon Pieces

Pewter Character pieces, each representing a character that appeared in the D&D 3rd edition rules.

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