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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reaper Miniatures - Shipping Container - First Layers

I had a few minutes and managed to get a couple of coats on the shipping container. I started with the worn chipping effect from AK Interactive. This will allow me to gently work away the next layer and expose the rusted layer that I started with.

I decided on a red shipping container so I pulled out a nice red from the Scale 75 Fantasy Line - SFG-04 Baal Crimson. I thinned this down with some of my Vallejo Airbrush Thinner. This came out of the airbrush nice and smooth. Again I wasn't to concerned with getting an even coat of paint on the container. There is a lot of weathering to come and the uneven color will actually be a benefit to this.

This is the AMMO color that I used as my rust base; A.MIG-912  Red Brown Shadow

Once the rust layer was dry I applied this Worn Effects from AK Interactive. This is a clear coat that basically provides an unstable surface for the next coat of paint so it can be rubbed away and exposes the layer beneath.

And the SFG-04 Baal Crimson from Scale 75. Very close to some of the container colors from pictures I found on the net.


  1. Nice, but its upside down. Door latches should be towards the bottom of the doors so you can reach them when its on the back of a truck.

    1. Interesting. I guess there is a problem with the way the model is made. If I turn it up the other way then I'm going to have an open channel running down both sides. I may have to hope that no one else notices!

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