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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Team Yankee - Filters and Washes

First thing I had to do was redo my efforts on the APC interior green and repaint the interior of the hatches in NATO Green. Once that was done I applied the filter. I went, again with the tan filter as it seems to be the best compromise on almost any type of 3 tone camouflage. I followed that up with a dark wash wiping most of the wash off the high points. I'm not sure the results are all that visible at this scale, but I'm trying to develop the process. I should have applied a gloss coat after the filter had dried and before I applied the wash. The wash would have behaved better and I wouldn't have damaged any of the existing paintwork.

The lights at my desk are driving me crazy, I really need to do something to be able to take better pictures and actually see what I'm working on.

Tan filter added. This helps blend the camo work together a bit.

Dark wash applied and wiped off the high surfaces.


  1. It is impressive how much the tan filter brought everything together and made the vehicles look more "real".

    Scrubbing the wash off (and possibly damaging the paint work) may actually be a benefit, as I would expect the upper surfaces of tanks to be pretty weathered by boots.

    1. That's a good point. Hopefully these can get a gloss coat tonight so they are ready for decals and I can get them closer to the finished pile.