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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clue - The Penny Dreadful Edition

And yet another Clue game for the collection.This is another one from USAopoly follows inline with features from the Dr Who, Big Bang Theory and Star Wars editions. It features a board based around Victorian London. Like many of the new editions this one has an additional set of cards to go along with the standard room/weapon/character set. These cards allow some different actions to be taken by the characters as the players try to solve the crime.

This one is based on a American/British TV show that I didn't even know about that apparently appears on Showtime (Three seasons have been produced not sure if there will be a fourth or not). It features fictional public domain characters that more or less would have existed about the same time. 

Much like the characters in the Big Bang Theory edition, each character has a power that can be used once per game. Without pulling out the BBT edition I'm almost certain they are the same powers. I'm sure USAopoly has created a pretty standard template at this time and are just dropping in the images they want to use.

I really like the graphics on this one, it really gives quite a nice feel for the period its set in. Oh and apparently Penny Dreadfuls were cheap, popular serial literature produced in the UK in the 19th Century. These were known as dime novels or pulp novels in the US.

The Locations

The "suspects"; Dorian Grey, Brona Croft, Ethan Chandler, Vanessa Ives, Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm Murray

The weapons

I'm really not sure what these cards are, I'll have to actually read the rules I guess.

Syringe, Tarot Cards, Pistol, Handkerchief, sword cane and everyone's favorite Arsenic


  1. Replies
    1. I think so, but the Star Wars edition is still cooler!

  2. Certainly a hansom edition. ;)

    How frequently do you get to play clue? My experience with the game is that it can take a while and be acrimonious.

    1. It tends to be a game played when my non-gamer group is at the house so maybe only every other month. How long it takes is pretty much entirely dependent on the group but typically not more than an hour. I can't really remember a game that ever got out of hand, but then there are some people that I think twice about before pulling out a game for the evening too.