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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Clue - Red Wooden Box Nostalgia Edition

January was a good month for filling some of the holes in my Clue collection. I have been trying to find this little gem for a long time. This nostalgia edition was produced in 2007 but for some reason is much harder to find than the 2002 Green nostalgia edition.

I was quite surprised on opening up and finding an unused copy of it though. Since I have a good idea what everything looks like already I decided to leave the board and the cards in their shrinkwrap. The nostalgia edition harkens back to what maybe the most well known edition from 1963, sometimes referred to as the Hanna Barbara edition because of the cartoony images used for the cards, especially the suspects.

There are a couple of interesting facts about this edition:
The Clue logo on the front and side were changed by removing the quotation marks
So the 1963 edition has quotes on the box and the board but not on the cards
The 2002 Nostalgia edition has quotes on the cards, board and box
The 2007 Nostalgia edition does not have quotes on the box but does have it on the board and cards.
The red on the box is faded more in some spots than others. It could have been in a store front or even under fluorescent light for a long period of time.

Finding the white tissue paper still in here was quite the surprise

Finding the shrinkwrapped board was a bigger surprise!

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