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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Clue - Dr Who Edition

It was a big year for Clue games and I have rounded up another one to add to the collection. This is a USAopoly edition and is a step up from the regular Clue game. It features a board based around the adventures of our favorite Doctor. Like many of the new editions this one has an additional set of cards to go along with the standard room/weapon/character set. These cards allow some different actions to be taken by the characters as the players try to determine just Who did what.

The character selection is rather interesting, and includes some that rather confused me as to why they would be included instead of others. It then occurred to me that they probably were unable to obtain the rights to the images for all the various actors and had to work with what they could get. 

Much like the characters in the Big Bang Theory edition, each character has a power that can be used once per game. Without pulling out the BBT edition I'm almost certain they are the same powers. I'm sure they have created a pretty standard template at this time and are just dropping in the images they want to use.

While nicely thematic this one leaves me a bit unexcited. I felt they really missed an opportunity to do something different based on the Doctor's and the TARDIS' own abilities.

The "Rooms"

The "Weapons"

The "Suspects"

The clue cards. I'm not sure I like the function of the pocket watch card. Will have to play it and see.

Character Powers

The Moment, The Halluninogenic Lipstick, The Vortex Manipulator, Strax's Gun, Clara Cyberman Gun, The Sonic Screwdriver

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