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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WWII Miniatures - Reinforcements

Since working on WWII miniatures is one of the groups on my priority list I have been slowing going through and figuring out what else I might need for each of the nationalities on the list. Somewhere there is enough Germans infantry to create a platoon sized force with some support weapons, I still have not located that box although I did find one squad sized pack from Artizan Designs that should have been in that box. My British Infantry which is based around a 1000 point army box from Warlord is probably in pretty good shape, the same for my British Airborne force which is based around a similar box along with some extras from both Warlord and 1st Corps. My American Infantry box from Warlord has also gone missing (probably a result of the remodeling at the house) so I reordered a box of American Infantry and a box of Rangers along with a couple of support weapons, although I now realize I still need another .30 cal MG. 

I bought the Ranger box even though it has the same sprues as the regular infantry box because it has some additional pewter heads and equipment so I can create some variety. I also received a small package from Offensive Miniatures to fill out a couple of holes in my US Airborne troops. I really wish manufacturers would look at the actual weapon types that typical squad carries rather than go with the Hollywood version. I could field an entire squad of US Airborne troops with Thompson sub-machine guns and still have extras from Offensive Miniatures. I have started to update the lists on the blog with what I have added and what I'm working on now.

The new stuff on the shelf:

There must be a ton of old VHS boxes in the UK. All my orders from Offensive Miniatures have come in one.

Two .30 cal MGs and two snipers

Three more Garands, three Carbines and two more Thompsons!

I have this pack already so I guess I can make some kind of little vignette with it.

I ordered a .50 cal MG and a .30 cal MG but I need another .30 cal MG so they can masquerade as a Armored Infantry platoon.