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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Madbob's Miniatures - An Evening of Yellow

At this point I'm not quite sure if these vehicles are going to get a full three color camo or not. But its late war in Normandy so I know the base coat should be the infamous dark yellow. Like I did with the cold war armor I wanted to try out the AMMO paints on these as well. Since these are significantly bigger and would likely be mostly yellow I decided to try and airbrush in shades and highlights, hopefully with the help of the modulated primer. For this exercise I used the following paints:
A.MIG-902 Dunkelgelb Base
A.MIG-904 Dunkelgelb High Light
A.MIG-905 Dunkelgelb Shine

Again these were quite usable right out of the bottle into my airbrush without needing any thinning. I did make sure to shake them quite well first and all of these bottles have an agitator in them. Since AMMO sells small steel balls on their website I'm guessing that's what tey put in all of their bottles of paint. 

I'm very pleased with the coverage of this paint and how easy it was to use directly in my airbrush. I'll have to try some detail brush work to see how it behaves off the brush.

The evening left me with three vehicles all ready for the next color. Then some decals and weathering!

A.MIG-902 Dunkelgelb Base

A.MIG-904 Dunkelgelb High Light

A.MIG-905 Dunkelgelb Shine

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