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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Team Yankee - An evening of priming

I like to prime in batches so I tend to let things pile up. I was finally ready to fire up the airbrush and get down to business with the various cold war vehicles that have been piling up. This priming session included 5 M1 Abrams tanks, 4 M113 APCs, 3 M106 Mortar Carriers and 1 M577 Command APC (its a Battle Front objective marker).

I used the Badger Stynylrez primer for this. I decided to try using a modulated primer style to see if that really has an effect at this scale or not. I used the pure grey for the upper portions of the hull and turret and a darker grey (about a 50:50 mix of the grey and black) on the sides of the hull and turret. I finished it that way but I'm not sold on the concept after I finished.

It was fun to break out the airbrush again and feel like I'm making some progress on one of the 2017 priority projects!
The APCs on the turntable at the beginning of the evening's priming extravaganza. You can see some of the M1s in the background sitting in the booth waiting for their trun on the table.

You can see the darker primer lower on the sides and tracks and the lighter primer higher on the sides and top

The M1s and M577 after the same treatment

The M1 turrets primed and ready for paint

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