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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Non-Kickstarter Kickstarter from Armies Army - 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade

I know that's a terrible confusing title, hopefully it intrigued enough to come in and take a look. With all the Team Yankee stuff going on this one caught my eye. Essentially Armies Army is creating their own Kickstarter just not on Kickstarter and he calls it "Kick it Off". The idea is still to raise money to fund a project it just has you are dealing directly with Armies Army on this project. The big advantage, Kickstarter doesn't get a cut of his funds so it all goes directly to bringing you the elements to build the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade.

You can find details on how it works here: Kick it Off

To look at the "rewards" go here: 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade

I think this is a fantastic project. I actually built the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade in micro armor a long time ago. Unfortunately it was sold along with the rest of my cold war era micro armor. I would love to recreate it again in 15mm, just need to come up with some stats for some of the vehicles for Team Yankee. that shouldn't be to hard to do.

Here are some examples of what will be going into the project (taken from the Armies Army website):
One of the Canadian Infantrymen in progress

A Leopard I

The Lynx


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