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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Team Yankee - Adding some black and brown

With the green in place it was time to attempt the rest of the Nato three color camo to the accumulation of armored vehicles for Team Yankee. I'm still working with the AMMO paints and after I applied the initial NATO Green I'm quite likely them. For the next step I used A.MIG0046 Matt Black and A.MIG0085 NATO Brown.

Since I wanted to do finer work I turned down the pressure on the airbrush to about 8-9 PSI, this would allow me to have the airbrush pretty close to the model and, hopefully, not have to much overspray. The paints performed quite well at this pressure although I did add a drop of my Vallejo Airbrush thinner for this. For the brown the drop was to much and I had to add a little more brown to get a nice line.

In theory, they use templates so that the pattern is the same on every vehicle and there is a different template for each vehicle type. I couldn't fine one specific to the M106 so I just used the one for the M113. I also was not interested in masking off all of these vehicles. So my pattern is roughly similar to the actual pattern with a little modification because of the airbrush. My vehicles came out roughly similar to each other, so I'm happy with that. I feel that I lost way to much of the green on the M113s and M106s, so a I'm going to go back in with the green and re-establish it, maybe with a slightly lighter shade so it stands out more.

You can see here that I really lost way to much of the green and its actually hard to see the brown against the green, although maybe that's actually the point of the camo. I'll still go in and see if I can accentuate the green a bit more.

All of these pictures are just to dark to really get a good look at them. I'll try and remember to take some better pictures before I move on to the weathering phase.


  1. Very nice and impressive vehicles!

    1. Thanks! I'm quite pleased with the progress so far. Just need to keep pushing forward and finishing them up!