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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Team Yankee - An Evening of Green

After priming it was time to airbrush on the base coat of paint. I'm going to do all of these in the NATO 3 color camouflage pattern. That means the base coat will be NATO green. I wanted to the try the paints from Mig Jimenez's Ammo company. 

NATO Green is AMIG0084, these are supposed to be usable right from the bottle either through an airbrush or with a paint brush. I held my breath and poured it directly into the airbrush cup without any thinner added. Visually it looked good, perhaps a little thicker than I would use. I set my compressor to about 8 or 9 PSI and started working.

Paint flowed through the airbrush (a Badger Renegade) without any problem. I'm quite impressed with the paint at this stage. Still to come will be swathes of NATO Brown and Black. I'll do that on another night. Then some detail painting on the stowage, decals and on to the fun part, weathering!

M1 Turrets

M1 Hulls and the M577

M106s ready for more camo

M577, that stretched canvas back will be done in the modern equivalent of Olive Drab

M1s in their full green glory. I could have opted to go with the transitional color of Forest Green and that would have been equally acceptable for the 1987 time frame.

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