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Friday, January 27, 2017

Team Yankee - Bringing back the green

I started with a base of NATO green on all of the modern vehicles. As I added the Matte Black and the NATO brown, the green started to get a bit lost with the overspray. In this next session I went back in and went over the green again. I originally considered going in with a slightly lighter green but in the end went with it straight from the bottle. I also added Olive Drab (the modern version) to the tent at the back of the M577 and added some APC Interior green to some of the exposed interior side of open hatches as well as to the actual interior of the M106. I'm still really liking the AMMO paints at this point.

A look at the progress so far:

The paints for the evenings work.

Taped up so I could spray the APC interior green. I'm not quite sure how these should actually be painted now that I have done it. The NATO Green was probably more correct for the hatch interior. It did lighten up the interior though and you can actually see a little bit of the detail inside.

Like I said, this green is very bright. I'll have to check and see if this actually correct or not. It might get repainted.

Here is the M577 taped up so I could spray the back with "modern" olive drab

You can see the NATO green a lot better at this point too.

The Khurasan M113s. The green looks better and now there is that bright spot on the exposed hatch.

The five M1s are looking good. A little detail painting of the stowage and they will be ready for decals .

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