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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A New Clue - The Big Bang Theory Clue

I managed to score one of the plethora of new, licensed Clue editions that hit the market this past year. The Big Bang Theory edition is based on the television show that has survived on air far longer than I thought possible.  In this edition you are trying to determine who messed up one of Sheldon's possessions rather than solve a murder.

There are some twists from the more traditional format in this edition. To start with the movement portion of the board is much smaller allowing the players to get to the rooms and propose solutions much faster. Each character has their own power which is usable once a games, like Leonard can move twice or Bernadette can immediately move to any room without a secret passage. The third difference is the "question" deck. This is an additional deck of cards that the players draw from and allows them, as an example, to force another player to reveal one of their cards. Other than the reduction of the board itself all of these variations have appeared in previous editions of Clue.

I'm looking forward to finding some time to play this edition!

A much smaller board! You can really romp through this one!

The rulebook, character cutouts (to go in the plastic holdes), dice, solution envelope and a pad to track your cards on.

The plastic character holders. I would rather have dedicated pieces of some kind but I guess this allows USAopoly to crank through licensed editions and reduce their costs somewhat.

Mine came with two copies of the dog eared comic book and no wiped hard drive. I'll need to get a replacement.

The main card deck

What would have been weapons in the original.

The room selection

the suspects

The Question cards (I apparently missed a shot of the front)

witty quotes from the suspects

And what each suspect can do!