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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Team Yankee M113/M106 APC WIP - Assembly

I managed to work in a little assembly time and built one of the M106 Mortar Carriers from the box. Assembly is pretty straight forward but you can find some very good instructions on the Team Yankee website. I used clippers to remove the parts from the sprue but I think mine have gotten to old as I have a lot of clean up left to do afterwards and I'm taking chunks out of the plastic. I may go back to the knife to remove parts for the next three that need to be built.

My only real grievances are lining up the track cover plates which have no locator pins and that there is only enough four mortar crew members in the box. Unless I can find some extra crew out there each of these mortars will only be handled by one crewman. I like the looks of two crew members plus the TC much better.

Some pictures of my assembly:

Tracks attached to the hull

Rear door assembled and attached to the hull

Track covers added, you can see the damage left by my clippers here. Some cleanup will be required

Added the hinged plate to that would cover the mortar

The mortar assembled on its internal plate and the vane added to the front

The external mortar plate added

Driver's hatch added

Mortar Added

Assembling the TC's hatch

Look at all the extra weapon and hatch parts left over! With a little thought there are a couple of additional variants that could be built. It might be worth thinking about using magnets on the TC's hatch to allow some interchanging of weapons.

Assembly finished, time for some prep work!

Missed that mold line on the mortar. I will fix that and I might contemplate drilling it out as well.


  1. Looking good. Shame about your clippers starting to go though.

    1. Thanks! They are old clippers and have definitely been abused! I'll have to treat myself to a new pair in the near future.