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Monday, January 9, 2017

Team Yankee M113/M106 APC WIP - In the Box

While I did have a great ten days off during the holidays there was little progress on the hobby front. I did receive a box of M113s for Team Yankee from BattleFront. Since I have already decided to use the M113s from Khurasan for my APCs, I'll be building these up as the M106 mortar variant. I noticed on the team card that there can be as many as six M106s in a unit so I will need another box (of course). There will be two extra M113s from the second box but I'm sure I can find something to use them for, a FIST track for sure.

This is what is in the box.

Four M113/M106s on eight sprues. There are only enough mortar crewmen for two M106s so I'll have to figure out how to score more of those. If anyone has any extra let me know.

I'm still not sure why Battlefront is using resin for these minis but they aren't bad at all.

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