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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Team Yankee M113/M106 APC WIP - Mass Assembly

With one M106 down, I figured I would just build all of three of the remainder at the same time. I tried this once before with my LVTP-7 for my 20mm Marines and it did not go well. However, the Battle Front M113/M106 is a far simpler model to work with. I boldly cut out all of the parts so I could just start gluing things together! I did go back to my trusty x-acto knife to do this. In the end I had a lot less clean up to do than with my old clippers. Definitely need a new pair of those!

These are the parts from what I refer to as the Hull Sprue. At this point the only piece left on the spue is the top deck for the straight M113 version, which I cut and will store in my bag of parts.

Here they are again with the parts from the Weapons Sprue. There are a lot of extra parts on that sprue so I kept those in a bag for potential use later on.

I started with some of the sub-assemblies. From top to bottom are the TC's turret wth .50 HMG, the rear door ramp and the 120mm Mortar.

The basic hull with the tracks attached

Added the glacis plate

The rear door/ramp

The Track covers. I had a tendency to want to attach these upside down for some reason. This is a somewhat delicate piece so be careful removing it from the sprue and cleaning it up. Its thin and easy to remove small chunks of plastic with your knife.

Add the top deck

All the extra gear added to the sides and top deck

The completed models with TC's hatch and mortar installed.

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