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Monday, January 16, 2017

Mapping out 2017

One way to plan is by making 3D models of what you want.
I haven't really tried this before but I'm going to at least map out what I would like to accomplish for 2017. The goals may be unrealistic but hopefully they will help me forge forward. I'm going to add an element to the page (right at the top) to help try and stay on track with these goals.

Top Priorities (subject to change without notice [SCWN]).

15mm Moderns/Team Yankee
Right now this is very much the bright shiny object although the cold war is actually one of my favorite periods to play. I'm going really try hard not to go over board on this one though.
I often regret selling off miniatures I could deploy really big forces for this period in micro armor which is just about the perfect scale for this what if conflict. I would love to do this in 10mm but the variety of equipment is just not there right now. So 15mm it is with the aid of Battle Front and a surprisingly large amount of equipment available from other manufacturers.

28mm WWII Normandy
I'm basing everything I need from the Pint sized Campaigns from Two Fat Lardies. I will, eventually be working on British Paras, British Infantry, American Paras, American Infantry and German Infantry (Wehrmacht). I will need some additional supports for all of this but I'm going to hold off on ordering anything else till I see what I can complete. One Section of British Paras is finished and a second section is close.

28mm WWI US Marines
I'll have to dig through the piles and see what is finished and what is not. The goal is to field a complete company of US Marines with supports. I think I have finished at least two of the four platoons. However, these are organized for The Great War from Warhammer Historical and the organization used there is not quite historical. Since my intent at this time is to use "Through the Mud and Blood" by Two Fat Lardies or possible a "Chain of Command" WWI variant both of which use a more historical force organization, I'll need to re-evaluate and see what I have and what I need.

28mm Wild West Game - Calamity
There is a lot to be done here. Again I'm going to have to go through what I have and what I might need. Obviously the biggest unfinished component of Calamity are the buildings and the board. I have a fair amount of both painted citizens and gunslingers at this point all I need to do is catalog the amount of unpainted metal there is to work on.

Those are the things I intend to concentrate on this year. I'm looking at a couple of different painting techniques that James Wappel uses that might help me get through some of this faster and still keep it looking good! I'm going to consider jumping in on the LOA Lead Painter's League this year, especially if it will help me get some of these projects moving along.

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