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Monday, February 13, 2017

Clue - The Great New Sherlock Holmes Game

Like I said before January was quite the month for Clue games. I filled a huge hole in the collection with this one, While its not in the greatest condition, its rare enough that I frankly don't care. This is "The Great New Sherlock Holmes Game. It was published concurrently in 1949 with "The Great New Detective Game." There would be follow on versions of both of these games in 1949 dropping the word new from the title.

This one is not complete with original parts but I have enough games to swap out the parts that aren't original. This copy game with a plastic version of the rope which did not appear until the 1963 edition, it was nice to see the original lead pipe still in the box though. This was a well played copy as evidenced by the wear and tear on the cards and the solution envelope having torn into two pieces. The rules are original though which is another key piece to this copy of the game as is the board. Everything matches up with the title "The Great New Sherlock Holmes Games" which is the key to collecting this edition of the game,

The board is usually the piece that goes missing with these early editions.

The box could be better but it will do. It is pretty faded from the original color, but its in otherwise in pretty good condition. All the corners are intact.

The plastic rope is not original, it should be a piece of string at this date.

The rules match the box! 


  1. So, how many different Clues/Cluedos do you have in your collection now? Do you have a display of them anywhere (kinda hard as they are big).

    1. I think I have about 49 variations right now. I need to keep better track of them. Perhaps a list would be in order. It's also hard to keep up with all the releases. There is no longer a good single source anymore, the artofmurder website hasn't been updated in a long time.