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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Danes TYW/ECW Bad Start

So I was pretty excited and Thursday I was ready to give my first attempt at using the oil wipe technique. I pulled out my water soluble Windsor Newton Burnt Umber and mixed up a nice wash, a little thicker than my acrylic washes but thin enough to flow into the depths of the detail.

I grabbed five of the Arquebusier Cavalry and applied a nice liberal wash and in my high dry climate I figured that was a long enough wait, I didn't want it to dry on me. I took a some cotton rags and started to lightly rub off the wash. Looked good at the start but then I noticed that I was rubbing down to bare metal. I tried it on the next letting up on the pressure I was applying. No go, still taking paint down to the bare metal.

I finished rubbing the five figures that I started with and could see quite a variation on how much metal was now visible. Clearly not a successful evening. I have used the Vallejo acrylic primers with a lot of success but I have never subjected them to this kind of pressure before and obviously it was not up to the task. My only good choice was to strip everything down to the bare metal again and go with an enamel or lacquer primer.

I have a couple of different paints I'm going to try this time. First up will be Army Painter Leather Brown (and actually is a primer) and three Tamiya colors: TS-33 Dull Red, TS-62 Nato Brown and TS-34 Camel Yellow. Why not Humbrol as used by Metal Mountain? Because Humbrol is not readily available in my area except in small pots and I wasn't going to be home this weekend and wouldn't have access to my airbrush. I figure what I have on hand right now should do the trick.

Of course now that I have everything stripped (and found a few more mold lines to deal with) its raining hard and it looks like its going to keep on raining for the rest of the evening. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some primer on these guys and they will be ready for the oil wash on Monday.

Here are some pictures of the bare pewter showing through after I wiped off the oil wash. It varies a lot, from a whole patches to just some buckles.

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