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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Danes TYW/ECW - First Four Cavalry Units

The initial fiasco with the oil wash at least let me catch up all the cavalry so its all ready to prime. Each unit will consist of four bases with three mounted miniatures on each one. Christian IV had pretty deep pockets at this point in time having defeated Sweden under Gustavus Adolphus during the Kalamar War and controlling the shipping into and out of the Baltic.

All of these are Bicorne Miniatures and mostly out of the California lot that I purchased.These required the most work. Horses had to be removed from the bases (and I'm most impressed on the amount of super glue that was used for this purpose) and I attempted to removed the riders. I think he may have used epoxy to glue the riders on because they aren't budging from the backs of those horses. None of the mold lines had been so that took some extra time too. The last unit came from the Colorado lot. Riders and horses were still separate and a start had been made to clean up the castings.  So some 50 odd castings later I'm ready to try and apply primer again.

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