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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You see there was this sale - GZG Sci/Fi Miniatures

Yes, yes, I got sucked in by a sale. With the upcoming release of Traveller 5 I working on getting my old campaign started again. Some where in the depths of the basement is a good sized stash of the old Martian Metals miniatures but 15mm Sci/Fi miniatures have come a long way in 30 years so I decided I would invest in some new miniatures for a new group of players. That's when I noticed that GZG (Ground Zero Games) was having a sale so I opted to order some and see how they looked up close and personal. They have some very nice civilian types but not really any suitable for my players' characters. This will fill in nicely for everything else though. They have been cleaned and primed and a little painting has been started just to get a feel for painting some 15s again. I'll have to set them aside for a bit while I work on my TYW Danes for the convention though. Here are some pictures of them coming pretty much straight out of the packages:

Armed Civilians A
 Armed Civilians B
 Armed Civilians C
 Civilians A
 Civilians B (I think I going to name one of the chicks that's drinking Anne)
 Techs (I think these guys are going to be a lot of fun to paint)
 Vac Suits
 Vac Suits with weapons

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