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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Danes TYW/ECW- Paint Session (2)

Yesterday was the second Saturday of the month so I was off painting with the CMPA. This month we tried out a new spot; Atomic Games. Its a nice little store, the air conditioner actually works so that's a huge plus! I did manage to almost finish blocking out the colors on the Danes, not quite but pretty close. Normally I go in and finish the shading and highlighting in each area. I'm trying a different approach this time around and see if it makes it feel like I'm making more progress. Visually these are looking pretty good at the moment.

I decided to re-prime the horses that I had done with the Tamiya Hull Red and Camel Yellow. This time I opted for Army Painter Fur Brown and Desert Yellow. I think I like these colors better. Here they are after I have applied the oil paint and rubbed it off.

Army Painter Desert Yellow
 Army Painter Fur Brown
 Army Painter Leather Brown
 A few in progress shots.


  1. I think the decision to change it was a good one. These colors look more natural and it also gave you a chance to practice your technique by doing it again.

    1. I'm much happier with the new colors. And since I wrote about them I won't forget what they are!

  2. Nice work, I like the AP Fur Brown colour.

  3. Nice progress, it's good to paint with others....