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Monday, July 2, 2012

First Look Monster Model & Laserworks The Brick Freight House

I have been waiting for this package to arrive since the middle of May. Of course that's no reflection on their ability to ship its just when I pre-ordered this one. So waiting was necessary this time around. This is one packed box full of cool wood products to build, of all things, a Brick Freight House. Laser cut and scribed components and two booklets of building and weathering instructions. This should look great on my version of the Patch and I'm looking forward to diving in and putting this one together. In fact I might be putting some stuff aside to do just that. I'm haven't done a building kit in a year or so, and I'm really looking forward to putting this one together.

The Box Top

The Instruction books

The Contents Unveiled

Check out the serious detail on this brick!


  1. Ha I knew it! You can't stick with one thing for long. This looks really cool Kris and I'm looking forward to seeing it built and painted.

    1. I'm torn about diving into this right away or not, but then I haven't built one in a long time it would be a nice change of pace.