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Friday, July 27, 2012

Miniatures for Traveller - GZG SG15-V01, SG15-V10, SG15-V15

I have been painting this week and I have finished off the next batch of Ground Zero Games miniatures for the Traveller Campaign. I'm not really happy with the paint work on these but for gaming purposes they will get the job done. I have three more sets of GZG miniatures left to go, they are armed civilian packs and hopefully they will come out better than these.

SG15-V01 - Civilians/Colonists Pack A

SG15-V15 - Armed Crew Figures in Light Duty Vacc Suits

SG15-V10 - Crew in Light Duty Vacc Suits + SG15-V15


  1. you have painted those up very quickly. Wish i had the motivation right now to paint.

    1. They do paint up pretty quick. I just wish they had come out better than they did. Since they are only going to get used for an RPG they will be okay. I'll have to do better on the characters though.