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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost as good as Boobs - Kingdom Death

Its Ray's fault! On the Wargaming Site he took a look at how including the word boobs could increase your post count, because Ray ( Don't Throw a 1) insists that it does (and he was right). However, in the last few days my own hits tripled (don't get to excited I only average a 100 or so a day). Since I hadn't used the magic word I had no idea what was going on. Then I realized that I was showing up in searches because of the Kingdom Death Kickstarter project. I guess that's still kind of like using the word boobs considering how well stacked the miniatures are.

Pinup White Speaker Kisya
Pinup Great Game Hunter Julia

Pinup Preacher - Wendy
White Speaker
Pinup Savior - Morgan


  1. Now here's the real kicker. Guess what has gotten me more page views than Boobies. Ray Rousell, that's the magic word. I'm not kidding. Ray has beat out every single Boobie post I've ever done. Yep Ray garnered me almost 600 in a single day and his name continues to haul people to my page.

    Kingdom Death rules by the way. I want some of their sculpts so badly my teeth hurt.

    1. That's just not right. Of course that brings up other concepts that I think I'm going to avoid right now.

      I'm off an on about the Kingdom Death minis. Overall they are fantastic but there just aren't to many of them that I really want. I think I have made my will save on this kickstarter. What I really need are some good looking soiled dove miniatures for my town of Calamity. There are some truly awful soiled dove miniatures out there.

  2. Maybe this will turn into a scientific study? Call it Blogboobology?

    1. I think this certainly worthy of a scientific study.