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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kampfgruppe von Abt Modelling Team - Website

I have stumbled across this website before and forgot to bookmark it, fortunately somebody linked back to it from TMP today. If you think some of my modelling gets a little nuts you need to check out what these guys do. They seem to be willing to make just about anything in either 1/30th or 1/6th scale (old style, GI Joes are this size). Of particular interest to me is the German Dora Railway gun done in 1/6th scale. What a monster.

Kampfgruppe von Abt Modelling Team


  1. Good grief!! Utter 1/6 madness, it almost looks real!!

    1. The Dora was one thing, you expected it to be huge, but then I saw that JU-52 and I was totally blown away.