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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Run out the Guns - Update #25 - Shipping

Here is one of the Kickstarters I backed and its the first to actually start shipping stuff out! Sounds like the casting has been moving right along and there are enough cannons to ship out....the small stuff. Yes, sadly I believe that my package is amongst that last batch of 15 or so that Matt talks about. Still there is light at the end of the tunnel...and this time its not a diesel locomotive.

(To be fair Reaper did announce that they have started shipping part of their kickstarter rewards as well. I'll let you guess where I am in that line.)

First Shipment!

Update #25 - For backers only · Nov. 15, 2012 · comment
Greetings everyone. We have had a busy few weeks here at Laser Dream Works.
Our mold-making efforts are going well. We have used our master mold to make up enough of each cannon to start making production molds. I have completed production molds for all four of the 28mm scale cannon and one of the four types of carronades. Over the next week we will finish up the carronades. Based on that, we have been able to fit out the guns for most of our small and medium sized ships. We will start working on the orders with large size ships this weekend. Unfortunately, we are still suffering with some backorder issues from our wood supplier. So I am scrounging up sheets of the baltic birch as I find them in local hobby shops , who tend to carry five or six sheets at any given time. But we are getting close, and I hope to have things wrapped up by the end of the month.
So with all that said, if you ordered items in the Gunner, Master Gunner, Midshipman, Lieutenant, or Cutter Clash reward levels - I mailed your packages out this afternoon. For US residents expect them by next Wednesday  or Thursday. The estimates for the overseas shipments varied greatly, so keep your eye on the horizon. I was a little taken back on how much international shipping costs - I should have taken a trip and hand delivered them!
I am still waiting on some information from a few of you in the categories above - I will send you guys an individual email with the information I still need so I can put the finishing touches on your shipments.
A few of you ordered the "Ships Extra" Package. I still have some design work with my 3D artist to get that project finished up. That  process is going to take several more weeks - so I sent your stuff out anyway and will get those last bits to you as soon as I can.
I would ask everyone to send me a note when your package arrives. I especially need to know if you got everything you expected. I realize the ship building process might take awhile for some of you but when you have completed your kits, I would really appreciate another note with feedback and pictures. If there is something we should be doing better I would really like to know. And if you have a great experience I would love to share it with other potential ships captains!
For the 15 or so whose packages are still being built, thanks for your patience! I think the wait will be worth it.
Matt Green

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  1. I think the wait will be worth it too. Those are some nice, nice ships. I got delivery from both of the Kickstarters I backed and am very happy with what I bought.

    I have to choose five of my favorite blogs and give each of them the Liebster Blog Award and I want you to be one of them. Without your help, I wouldn't be the painter I am today. You will be the top one on that list. I'm running that post on Sunday.