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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Favorite Blogs - Liebster Blog Award

Anne O'Leary over at Anne's Attic awarded me this Liebster Blog award! Very cool. Anne has been supportive of my blog since the beginning (despite any snide comments she may have left on my posts) and its great to be recognized.

So it basically translates to Favorite Blog and its kind of a SPAM award but a good kind of SPAM because I'm going to award this to five of my favorite blogs (a rule I'm going to break). From what little I can find out these should be blogs with less than 200 followers (another rule I'm going to break) and there are some good ones out there that you might not know about. These are blogs that I think you should definitely check out.  I haven't moved quite fast enough on this though and some of the blogs I would have picked have already received this! I'm handing this out to six blogs, three model railroad blogs and three gaming blogs. I would have included Anne's Attic in this but she already has one.

My three choices on the Model Railroad Side
White River Division, George Dutka's blog for his HO Scale White River Division RR set in New England. Some great modeling and research information here.
Ma & Pa RR 1943, Ted Dilori's blog for his HO Scale Maryland and Pennsylvania RR set in 1943. Another terrific site with plenty of modeling and research information.
United States Military Railroads, Bernard Kempinski's Blog for his O Scale USMR, Virginia 1863. A different scale but some awesome information and tremendous modeling work on this layout. Actually gets me back on track to finish off my ACW miniatures.

My three choices on the Gaming/Painting Side
Lord Ashram's House of War, I think I'm jealous of his gaming table. Awesome scenery,  great miniatures, there is always something of interest here and I look forward to his postings.
Breakthrough Assault, Adam,Dave and Ben are a pretty dedicated bunch FOW gamers, and I enjoy reading their posts. Some nice paintwork too!
Roundwood's World, Sydney has pretty much single handedly kept up my interest in WWI gaming. From awesome terrain to beautiful figures you can find just about everything here.

There you have, six blogs that I think are definitely worth checking out. Now if I could just figure out how to tell them they have won a major award, maybe a lamp in the shape of a woman's leg glad in a fishnet stocking.

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