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Friday, November 23, 2012

Calamity Buildings - Finishing Details

I have polished off  the little bit of extra detail work that I wanted to do on the buildings from Battle Flag and Aetherworks. The Knuckleduster buildings didn't really need any extra work to cover anything. Although after I editing the photographs tonight I decided that the roofs on the Knuckleduster buildings is going to stick out to much so those will be getting shingled roofs as well. For the most part all I added were some trim pieces to cover the jigsaw puzzle look on the Battle Flag buildings and the ends of the roofs after I shingled them. I let the pictures speak for themselves. At the end is a line up of the buildings I have finished building along with a top shot to show the differences in length.

First up the Photographer's Studio from Battle Flag. Although You can't see it in the pictures very well, all of the boards have been distressed.

And the brick building from Aetherworks. I realized as I worked on this one that I'm unhappy with the treatment on the corners. All the corners are in wood, which would be an odd construction technique. I think this building is going to get some new corner detail before I start painting.

And now a lineup of the buildings I have received and built. I'm still waiting for a shipment from Sarissa-Precision and Gamecraft Miniatures.

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