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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review - Knuckleduster - 28mm - Pitched Roof

This is a quick one. The Pitched and Slanted Roofs are separate kits from Knuckleduster. The construction of either type is pretty straight forward. The slanted roof is designed strictly for their smaller buildings like the barbershop. The pitched roof is for their larger buildings like the 2 story and saloon buildings that I bought. Normally all their kits come with just a flat roof which I don't like, so I purchased two pitched roofs to fit on my 2 story and saloon buildings.

There isn't much to this kit, just four pieces, two "rafters" and two roof pieces. I think this is a problem because of the length. The knuckleduster buildings are the longest buildings currently being produced that I have built. It took a lot of work to get a good glue joint in the center of the roof because there was nothing to support it.

I really struggled to get this roof together properly. I'm sure the second will go together easier. I pulled out my magnet jig for this. After I glued the rafters in place I noticed that I wasn't getting a good join in the center. I put the roof flat against one edge of the jig and then use the magnets to hold it in place (these are really strong magnets). I was then able to use my steel weights to hold the roof down till the glue dried. A third "rafter" in the center would have corrected this problem and would make for a stronger roof.

Here are the construction pictures

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