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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Building Calamity 3 - Row House

I wanted to get some work done on the Row House tonight but I didn't think things through very well. So I started off thinking that I needed to get the weathering underlayer on tonight. I fired up the airbrush, fought with the airbrush and finally got a primer coat of white on the surface. I went with full strength Liquitex Raw Umber rubbed into the white primer. I didn't go full silvery gray just wanted an older wood look.

Sounds okay, but here is what I forgot, I should have added all the exterior trim before applying the primer and the ink. Now I have to go in with a file and clean up the edges of paint so that I have something to glue the trim pieces to. Not very bright on my part, its been a long day and I should have just let things sit tonight.

I'll go in with the files tomorrow and remove some paint and get the trim on. Or I'll set it aside and get some more paint on the 2nd Section of Red Devils.

At least I remembered to tape over the window and door openings so I didn't ruin the paint work on the inside.

The raw umber exterior is a bit lighter than the interior, although its hard to tell in this shot. Of course I completely forgot to take some shots of the building after I applied the primer. I blame my recalcitrant airbrush for that.

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